In this day and age of digital “content” it’s easy to forget the skills of the professional copywriter. Often marketing campaigns fail because they rely on what can sometimes seem to be a random assortment of words being used to fill a space on social media. The pen/keyboard of the copywriter can significantly determine the success or failure of a marketing campaign. The copywriter is the angler who influences whether the target audience “takes the bait”.

It’s not a question of the copywriter having to create material that is flashy or outrageous; it ‘simply’ needs to be interesting, relevant and appropriate to the target audience. If the copy concept is good the design of the marketing item follows on easily; whether it’s a printed ad, brochure or mailer, or a radio or TV commercial or (heavens above!) a social media campaign.

It’s often said that a picture paints a thousand words. True enough, but words still have their place. In fact we can write an ad that we can guarantee (almost!) you’d respond to, that didn’t have a single picture in it. Pictures add extra interest, another layer of emotion but there’s nothing better than words to persuade a customer to buy.