Our Approach

At Looker Marketing Communications, we’ve boiled the entire marketing process down to three very simple principles – handily summed up as the Three Ms.


Determining what to sell, where to sell it, how to promote it and what to charge for it starts with knowing who you’re selling to. We’ll help you assess and define your target market(s), then develop a plan to reach it and take your business forward.


What do you want to say to your market? Are you aiming to inform, educate, persuade, change perceptions, make a big announcement? Defining your message precisely makes it a lot easier to communicate it clearly and memorably.

More importantly, what does your market want to hear? Your product or service’s features (what is it, how it works) may be interesting, but people are really concerned with the benefits – what it can do FOR THEM. We’ll help you identify both, then translate them into compelling copy and inspiring images to grab your market’s attention, and produce the response you need.



Where do you put your message so you market will see or hear it? Your options range from newspaper and magazine ads, billboards, flyers and brochures to websites, email, banner ads, video and (if you’ve got the money) apps, radio and TV. We’ll help you select the medium (or mix of media) that will get your message to the right people, at the right time – and at the right price.

We’ll work with you to come up with Three Ms for your business, and use them to form a complete marketing strategy. That gives us a sound basis on which to create the materials you need to achieve your objectives.